Natalie Andrew

Hidden Marriage is an extraordinary piece of furniture housing a marriage of hidden interactions.

Visitors encounter a familiar form, an elegant coffee table, but its surface is bursting with growth. Woodland natives, the spore-producing cryptogams (Greek: kryptos, "hidden" + gameein, "to marry") - mosses, lichens, and fungi - are watered by constant veils of mist. Creeping in from the table's edge to mingle with the mosses are lichen-like forms dressed in the livery of the table, black and gold. Small, gold figures emerge from the lichen-forms and walk in the miniature landscape or sit around drinking coffee. They could be caretakers, conspirators, conjurors, or controllers.

Using materials that evoke the mythic forest, the bastion of Nature and folklore, this piece is a dialog between wild and tame and explores the spark of inspiration that often lies where they meet.